Islesford Neighborhood House
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Renovations to the Existing

A New Solar Roof and Super-Insulated shell for 
the Great Hall
New Scissor Trusses span
the Great Hall allowing for 
Clear Open Space under them, super-insulation within them and a solar laminated roof above them.

A New Solar Roof takes on the appearance of a standing seam metal roof.

New walls encasing the existing open stud walls, preserve the look and character of the Hall, while
providing a sound vapor barrier and insulation.

The Solar Roof uses reverse metering to the electric utility and powers electric heat pumps to keep the facility heated to a constant 50 degrees in the winter.  The existing furnace then bumps the temperature up for events.
Rendering of the Interior of the Great Hall with a new raised roof.

We've basically built a thermos over the existing space, preserving the character of the open stud wood interior.