Design Approach 
What connects you to a place?  
          Your experience of it...
                    What happens there...
At Spurling Design, we concentrate on a person's experience of the places we design.
To make good architecture attainable for all,
to make comfortable,delightful built environments
that have meaning and serve the whole person:
body, mind, and soul.
The clients participate in an extensive questionnaire aimed at molding the spaces to the activities they will support.  By doing this, we can shape the project to their activities, rather than fit their activities into a building.
Sometimes a floor will define a special place; sometimes a ceiling will.
Jeri Spurling sculpts space with floors, ceilings, walls and light to compose a solution that fits the fabric of the lives served.
At  Spurling Design, our goal is to use the built environment to enhance and inspire our lives.
 Making Good Architecture Attainable for All 
We will demonstrate the advantages of fully  investigating all parameters, all dreams, and all constraints to develop a wholesome design that fully adresses the needs of the occupant, while saying something about the occupant ---- producing the beautiful, functional and sublime.

                    We recognise that buildings have character and speak to people.

                    We appreciate structural integrity and love to show how things stand up.

Spurling Design seeks out projects for the public good and the good of our environment.
We seek clients with the same goals, be it for a community-based building, school, commercial building or a small house.
We believe architecture is for people and so ultimately should serve their needs and imaginations.  Good architecture is contextual, connected to history, and innovates new technologies and materials, while always reflecting the life style of the occupants.  Good architecture is most often the result of a good team:  architect, client, consultant and builder.