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This site was built by a Maine lobsterman stranded on an offshore island during a very long winter.
What connects you to a place?
Your experience of it...
What happens there...
Our goal is to use the built environment to enhance and inspire our lives.
Last updated: November 13, 2020
At Spurling Design,
we concentrate on a person's
experience of the places we design. 
Jeri Spurling sculpts space with floors, ceilings, walls and light to compose a solution that fits the fabric of the lives served.  Jeri practices architecture in the MDI (Mount Desert Island) region and has a keen sense of its landscape.  

She is a member of the Maine Council for Indoor Air Quality and has developed a proven system for combating mold in homes.  Based on recent personal experience, she is ready to help find good solutions for aging in place with renovations and additions to existing homes.   This and new homes designed  to anticipate aging, we call "Legacy Homes"  is a new focus for Spurling Design.

Her most recently completed buildings include a small town library addition, code compliant renovations and additions to a school, a community building, an historic home, a lakeside cabin addition, and a new church building in the Dominican Republic.  Currently on the boards are 3 Legacy Homes.

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